We are on a mission

And that mission is getting clean safe water accessible for you and your community, home, workplace or school.

It's changing lives.

Conserving water means conserving life

Harvesting rainwater in high quality water tanks is the easiest and most effective method to give you instant access to precious drinking water.

100,000 litres of rainwater falls on the roof of a building every year and nearly all of this disappears down the drain.

Can you afford to waste this kind of water?

Whether you are in Fiji, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu or Kiribati we are passionate about getting tanks to your region and we will deliver directly to you.

Quality septic tanks, water tanks & water storage tanks

Rota Tanks are locally made polyethylene water storage tanks certified to Australian and New Zealand standards (AS/NZS 4766)* to capture this precious resource and utilise it in confidence with our 20 year warranty. Genuine Rota Tanks are tough, durable and dependable. They are BPA free which means they are made from virgin food grade material and will not leach harmful chemicals into your drinking water. 

When you invest in high quality Rotomould water tanks, rainwater can be collected and stored for free, available to use whenever it is needed. Create your own amazing source of drinkable water or use it to water your garden, wash your car, driveways etc. too!

They are so easy to set up and use that anyone can do it!

water storage tanks

Water tanks and other products

About Rotomould Group

Start collecting water now!

Why water storage tanks?

Having water tanks attached to a property or placed in a community not only gives access to safe water, but it protects the community members too.

Water tanks mean everyone can have access to a vital resource without fear of access, availability, or even worse, being attacked on the way to the well or local water source.

The impact simple water storage tanks can have on a community is huge!

water bucket

A Rota Tanks story...

52 families in the small village of Korobete in Sabeto, Nadi had struggled to gain access to fresh water for years. They used to take daily trips to a nearby river with buckets and bottles, or hire vehicles to take them to the next village, just to have water to drink and to cook with.

That was all until their community received four Rota Tank water tanks...

“Our struggle has ended today as we have excess to clean drinking water. The struggle from previous years has now ceased."

Described as a blessing, villagers were overjoyed to “be able to cook, wash and drink using clean water” from the water tanks.

Being able to supply septic tanks brings a new level of relief and excitement to communities who have not had a proper way to deal with sewage before. 

About Rotomould

The seed was sown for Rotomould on a rainy day in Fiji, back in the year 2000.

It all began as we drove by a long line of people waiting to collect water after a devastating hurricane. After seeing the lack of access to fresh water and storage options, we knew there had to be a better way and a solution was needed. 

Little did we know that one day we would be living the dream of providing access to clean and safe drinking water and septic tanks across the South Pacific.

We thought long and hard about how we could help these communities gain access to a more affordable and durable alternative to the existing concrete and fibreglass water tanks already in the South Pacific.

Rotomould was born...

Our desire to provide access to clean and safe drinking water to Pacific Island communities saw our first factory established in Fiji in 2000. 

From there, we began to expand. Now, we have 8 factories in 6 South Pacific countries. Still a family business, we have three directors who oversee all aspects of operations. We work closely with our management teams to ensure our high standards are always maintained.

We weren’t content with only supplying water tanks. We wanted to provide better living conditions too, which is why we also began manufacturing septic tanks. 

Then we thought, why stop there? So, we also manufacture dog houses, PET bottles,  and compost bins, as well as supply wheelie bins, rainwater harvesting solutions (leaf eaters, first flushiverters – 90mm and 100mm), taps and stoppers!

Our commitment to quality

We have an absolute commitment to quality products as well as adhering to governing regulations and standards. We were the first and only company in Fiji, Tonga and the Soloman Islands whose water tanks met international standards. 

They continue to be manufactured under the strict ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System which ensures we test and track every individual tank. Each one has a thorough paper trail of passed tests as it leaves our premises, giving you confidence and assurance you have a certified quality product that will work for you. 

Healthier people means a healthier economy

We truly believe that healthier people make a healthier economy for the Pacific. Which is why we are also committed to human and social development. 

Water tanks don’t just mean clean water. They mean an improvement in the lives of local women who do not have to complete the laborious task of fetching water from distant creeks and rivers. They also mean less risk of children contracting water borne diseases. We are helping improve sanitation facilities and reducing the risk of dengue and malaria. With septic tanks part of our solution the effects are amplified.

In our 19 years of operation, we have worked with some of the biggest and best donor agencies - supplying, delivering and installing water tanks of assorted sizes throughout the South Pacific. With an intimate knowledge of the South Pacific, project management expertise, and tried and true production methods, we have the capacity to deliver projects of any size.

In fact, we have been known to line 150 tanks at a time along an airport runway as it was the only place on the island big enough to store that number of water tanks!

We can’t wait to do this amazing job for 19 more years (and beyond!)

Our range…

While water storage tanks and septic tanks are our main focus, we also produce a range of items designed to make island life that much better!

We also manufacture dog houses (which can also be used as pump houses), PET bottles, compost bins, and more!

Septic tanks

When a property is not connected to a central sewage system, then septic tanks are the perfect alternative. For safety, septic tanks are installed underground and deal with waste in an easy and hygienic manner.

How do septic tanks work?

Septic tanks deal with sewage treatment and disposal. Septic tanks contain a living ecosystem which consists of microorganisms that work to digest and treat waste. 

Put simply, septic tanks protect Pacific communities from the risk of disease and prevent them from having to live in unhygienic conditions. Septic tanks are every bit as valuable to a community as water storage tanks. 

Supplying the entire South Pacific…

From humble beginnings, the Rotomould Group has grown to be an extremely vital resource in the South Pacific. Even though many South Pacific villages and communities are self-sustaining, they still deserve access to clean water and a sewage system.

And we deliver it to them, no matter where they are!

From 8 manufacturing plants in 6 Pacific nations, we supply water storage tanks and septic tanks where they are needed most. 

We have manufacturing plants in Fiji (Lautoka and Labasa), Tonga, Samoa, Soloman Islands, Kiribati and Vanuatu (Port Vila and Santo). We also regularly supply our water tanks and septic tanks to Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Christmas Island, Wallis and Futuna and the Marshalls. 

Not your usual deliveries

Due to the destinations, our delivery methods are not always conventional. But we have knowledge, expertise and decades of experience with the intricacies of the islands to make sure we deliver to you every time!

We will find a way!

Some smaller islands do not have access for barges or larger boats to deliver water tanks or septic tanks to land. So, we improvise! The large boat will get as close to land as practical, then the water and septic tanks are tied together and floated in the sea. A smaller boat will pull them into land where the locals carry them from the beach to their communities.

Some islands experience such high wind, that they only use tiny fibreglass boats. In these cases, we usually deliver water and septic tanks via three fibreglass boats. This is to reduce the risk of a single boat flipping. The tank is strapped to the middle boat and the outer two are used for support and stability on either side.

Once on land, the water tanks and septic tanks are almost always carried by hand or by stretcher as the local roads on the smaller islands are not suitable for large trucks. Or, if the roads are suitable, they often aren’t wide enough. In one instance, we needed the local police to stop all traffic on the roads so that we could get through!

In many cases, the arrival of water storage tanks or septic tanks is cause for major community celebration. Many wrap the tanks in sacred tapa and decorate them to show their excitement and gratitude. It is an amazing sight to see.

The technical stuff

It’s time to get technical about our water storage tanks and septic tanks!

What are Rota Tanks made from?

We use virgin food grade polyethylene, an extremely tough, lightweight and durable thermoplastic material that does not leach chemicals into your water.

How are they manufactured?

All of our tanks are manufactured using a machine controlled rotational one-piece moulding to achieve a stress free state. No chemical reactions take place during the process so there are no residues or by-products to taint the water.

How do you ensure quality?

Rota Tanks are compliant with the AS/NZS 4766-2006 standard for polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals. They are manufactured under the world renowned ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System - the first water tanks in Fiji to be given this certification.

How long do they last?

Our test results concluded that Rota Tank water tanks would not fail during a normal 20 year service life and would be capable of withstanding ambient air temperatures of up to 40°C.

How long do they last?

Our test results concluded that Rota Tank water tanks would not fail during a normal 20 year service life and would be capable of withstanding ambient air temperatures of up to 40°C.