About Rotomould Group

The Rotomould Group of Companies, with its headquarters in Fiji, is a multi-national company whose core business is manufacturing polyethylene products, predominantly water tanks under the brand name of Rota Tanks using rotational moulding technology.

Established in 2000, the Rotomould Group has grown exponentially and we are one of the largest polyethylene tank manufacturing companies in the South Pacific, manufacturing over 8,000 tanks annually. 

We have a strong manufacturing base which consists of technical persons who have been involved in rotational moulding for a number of years. Fiji, which serves as the hub/headquarters for all our subsidiaries, has the know-how to manufacture our own machinery, tank moulds and other plastic products linked to rotational moulding.

Our locations

We have 8 manufacturing plants in total – in Fiji (Lautoka and Labasa), Tonga, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, and Vanuatu (Port Vila and Santo). We also regularly supply our water tanks to Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Christmas Island, Wallis and Futuna and the Marshalls.


A drive on a rainy day, seeing people lined up on the side of the road waiting for water after a devastating hurricane, sowed the seed for providing a more affordable and durable alternative to concrete and fibreglass tanks to the people of the Pacific.

The Rotomould Group of Companies was borne out of a desire to provide access to clean and safe drinking water to Pacific Island communities. First established in Fiji, in the year 2000, we have remained true to our commitment and now have 8 factories in 6 countries in the South Pacific region. 

As a Group, we have over 22 years’ experience in rotational moulding and producing high quality water tanks. All our manufacturing plants are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and our tanks are certified to AS/NZS 4766 international standards for polyethylene tanks.


We are a private family-owned business with three directors who oversee all aspects of operations. They work closely with the management team at the head office as well as regional managers to ensure the ongoing profitability of the company.

Our Managing Director has vast experience in plastics, engineering and business management. His work experience with multinationals such as Colgate Palmolive and Johnson & Johnson have been major contributors to the business acumen today. Prakash Industries, a bottle manufacturing and packaging company was born as the initial investment. A few years later, Rotomould (Fiji) Ltd was started and we have prospered over the years to our current flagship factory which manufactures AS/NZS 4766 certified water tanks.

Our vision

To be internationally recognised as the leading manufacturer and distributor of world class polyethylene water tanks.

Our mission

To facilitate access to clean and safe drinking water by providing a high quality and affordable storage facility. 

Value for you

Our buying power means you will benefit from a bulk discount price on international quality tanks as well as on the material and equipment for tank installation and connection. 

We know the Pacific Islands

As a Group, we have successfully delivered projects throughout the Pacific in conjunction with various government departments and donor organisations such as SPC, AusAID, NZAid, USAid, JICA, UNICEF, UNESCO, SOPAC, ADB, ROC, and the EU - through our head office in Fiji and other subsidiaries. We also regularly supply our water tanks to Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Christmas Island, Wallis and Futuna and the Marshalls.

We understand local conditions such as logistics issues in loading, freighting, and timing. 

You will benefit from our experience and can be confident we will anticipate and resolve likely issues before they become a problem.

Proven track record of success

In our 19 years of operation, we have successfully delivered several large projects for various donor agencies – supplying delivering and installing tanks in in assorted sizes and locations throughout the South Pacific. Some examples are: 

AUSAID – 1,000+ tanks
JICA (Japanese govt aid) – 500+ tanks
EU – 1,300+ tanks
Red Cross – 120+ tanks
Korea Aid – 150+ tanks
World bank – 160+ tanks
UNDP – 300+ tanks
US Aid – 80+ tanks
Asia Development Bank – 80+ tanks
WHO – 80+ tanks
Tuvalu government – 800+ tanks
NZ Aid – 200+ tanks
UNICEF/SPC – 400+ tanks

We have the production and project management expertise to deliver a project to requirements.

International accreditation

All companies in the Rotomould Group are a member of the Association of Rotomoulding Australasia (ARMA). ARMA is the industry body for manufacturers using the rotational moulding process to produce plastic products. 

They focus on bringing the industry together to share information and expertise, authoring quality standards and training and fostering research and development. Our membership enables us to keep abreast of industry best practice standards as well as access international expertise.