Does your community need...

A 1000 litre water tank, dog house or sanitation solutions?

Rotomould offers a range of products that are tough, durable and always dependable. For tanks of all sizes and the pump and filtration solutions to match, we have the products you can trust for your water and sanitation needs.

Water tanks

Every year 100,000 litres of rainwater falls onto the roofs of buildings and disappears down the drain. We all know this is a precious resource that cannot afford to be wasted, and so Rota Tanks is on a mission.

Collect and store rainwater so that it is available on tap… literally!

Whether you are looking for a 1000 litre water tank or something bigger, we have the tank to suit your needs.

Rota Tanks are tough and durable so they are always dependable. And, because they are made from non-toxic, BPA free, virgin food grade polyethylene, the water you store will not be contaminated by chemicals. 

These amazing water tanks are available in a range of sizes, are easy to transport and even easier to install! Plus, they are maintenance-free.

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Septic tanks

Septic tanks are essential for healthy living in our beautiful Pacific communities where we have no central sewage system. Installed underground, they provide a safe solution for the storage and removal of waste.

Put simply, septic tanks protect our communities from the risk of disease and prevent us from having to live in unhygienic conditions. Septic tanks are every bit as valuable to our communities as water storage tanks. 

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Dog house

Need a place for pups to get out of the sun or rain? Or, in fact, a place for your water pump to be stored safely, protecting it from the elements?

Then a Rotomould dog house is just what you need.

Made from durable materials, this is a dog house that is designed to last. It will keep your furry friend happy for years to come!

Contact us for all the dog house options or to find out what size you will need for your water pump. 

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Rotomould wheelie bins

Wheelie bins, compost bins and wheelbarrow trays

Beyond water tanks we have an extended range of necessary household items for your home and garden.

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PET bottles

Looking for quality food grade PET plastic bottles? 

Here at Rotomould we manufacture a range of sizes and shapes to suit any need.

If you want to know more about our range contact us today.

Whether you need a 1000 litre water tank, sanitation solutions, a dog house, pump protection or something a little bit different then Rotomould can help. 

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